Anguison Quartet



Anguison is a small river, modest inflowing native of the Morvan. It originates in Ouroux, crosses the municipality of Mhère and enters Corbigny after some lazy curves, where herons like relaxing. The 31 kilometers of its quiet path and its rare annual swerves decorates its wild banks with flowers.

The Anguison Quartet arose from the meeting between musicians of varied and atypical background, also long-time fellow partners. From the first exchanges emerged a form of raw improvisation, explosion of pure energy, fed by a breath which can lead to trance or ecstasy.

The captation on a support of such a peculiarity, following the example of the observation in the quantum scale, deforms the initial state of this communion. It offers nevertheless a new intimacy with the sound source. The listener is urged to come in the middle of the sound space created by the musicians, to sit down in ” Dido’s barn “, under cymbals and as closely as possible to the instruments bells.

A particular care was taken during the captation and during the mixing to be able to order freely materials by varying the plans and the focal ; the siren of the baker, the bells of the church of the village and the avian gathering being tolerated in the final editing.

It is advised to listen to this music also with headphones to appreciate completely the sound space, restored in certain tracks with the binaural technique.

Three days of sound recording were necessary  in the barn and many more spent to peel and to recompose the material to give birth to this album.


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