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Roméo Monteiro

musicien 20 Dec 15 0

Eclectic musician, mainly percussionist and composer, he studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Dance of Lyon and devotes himself particularly to the new instrumental lutheries, by programming, composing and the interpretation of mixed works.

He distinguishes above all as an insatiable experimenter, accumulating multiple experiences as soloist (by collaborating with the composers Jose-Miguel Fernandez, Federico Schumacher, Cristian Morales-Ossio, Andrea Vigani, Vincent-Raphaël Carinola, Ondrej Adamek), as composer (with diverse international ensembles such as Ü in Estonia, Aashti and Taipei Chinese Orchestra in Taiwan, the collective Spat’ Sonore in France), by joining the ballet (with the company The Guest of Yuval Pick) or the theater (with the Compagnie Complètement Dramatique of Guillaume Perrot, the Company Irina Brook at the National Theater of Nice).

Beyond the field of contemporary music and free improvisation, he is interested in traditional Indian music and travels regularly to South India to follow the teaching of specialists such as Balakrishna Kamath or Manik Munde and integrate the language of Carnatic music to its musical universe.

These multiple experiences led him to develop a personal musicality, within the Trio de Bubar (with whom he created the shows « Chiaroscuro », « Dans l’ombre de Norman McLaren », « Bubaropolis », around the object highjack and manipulation), Les Émeudroïdes (post-jazz quartet with whom he created « Madhura Sopnam », « l’Emupo »), the collective Spat’ Sonore or the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain.

He regularly performs abroad in Europe, America and Asia, recording for various record labels (Neos-music, Naïve, Sismal Records, Pueblo Nuevo, Umlaüt, Urborigène).

Jacques Di Donato

musicien 17 Dec 15 0

Jacques DI DONATO played all the roles in music: creator, interpreter, passer, tireless challenger of emotions and passions. After studying clarinet at CNSM in Paris, his curiosity led him to embrace all the musical genres: the ball in the family orchestra, the studio, the show biz, then the « Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France », Chamber music, solo concerts, pedagogy (notably at the CNSMD of Lyon). Clarinettist, saxophonist, drummer, he’s a rebel who does not lack causes: testify the ten editions of « Fruits de Mhère » Festival, bringing together in the beating heart of Morvan the best of the international improvised music scene. He participated in many creations and lived strong encounters with some of the most outstanding composers of our time: K. Stockhausen, P. Boulez, G. Amy, O. Messiaen, J. Cage, L. Berio, V. Globokar, L. Nono, G. Aperghis. His professional experience and his career as an international soloist did not limit him in any way ; from that he draws the possibility of an unlimited and communicative permission: improvising, it is neither paraphrase, nor doing anything, it is to authorize. His constant concern is to privilege the creation and generate the happiness of adventures with music outside the genres, to the confines of the rigor and the pleasure.