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Classically trained, Fabrice CHARLES develops his artistic work in various fields : improvisation, interpretation, creation and pedagogy.

He teaches trombone and tuba at the National School of Music in Aurillac from 1993 to 2007. Regularly intervenor in improvisation Training Center Speaker Musician and contemporary music school. Regularly intervenor too in schools to sensitize students to the instruments of the family of Brass , and implement practical workshops and creation.

Since 1995, leading the Fanfare de la Touffe : improvised fanfare composed of non-musicians (www.lafanfaredelatouffe.net). With this project, he participated in various activities in France and abroad (Italy, Turkey, Germany … ). This experience led him to devote himself to meetings with various audiences (help centre for labour, social centres, neighborhood houses…) .

Currently a member of Bomonstre trio of trombones.

He is also a member of the Ensemble Hiatus, an international contemporary music ensemble created by the cello player Martine Altenburger and the percussionist Lê Quan Ninh.
This is both a modular and highly variable ensemble, and its distinctive feature is that the majority, if not all of its members are at the same time experienced performers and improvisers.

He is also a member of  Traits Tendus, quartet with Sophie Delizée (voice), Gérard Fabbiani (bass clarinet) and Jacques Hemery (painter) and Anguish Quartet, with Jacques Di Donato (drums), Roméo Monteiro (drums) and Nicolas Nageotte (baryton saxophone).


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